Near Us

The Residence Le Querce is located in Sesto al Reghena. This prime location allows you to reach many places of interest easily. Set right beside the borderline between the region Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Veneto, enjoy both areas’ best attractions.

Nearby the Residence Le Querce you will find:

Medieval villages: leap into the past

Located between 2 of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the abbey in Sesto al Reghena (750 AD) and the castle of Cordovado will take you back to the past. Feel the charm of Cordovado and Sesto al Reghena!

Literary park and the mills of Stalis

Head for a walk near Le Querce and admire the Venchiaredo fountain, celebrated by Ippolito Nievo in his novel and masterpiece Confessions of an Italian. The suggestive Stalis mills complete the environmental setting. Admire them along the banks and on the island in the middle of the Lemene river, right near an ancient ford.

Day trip to Venice

Spend a day in the world’s most unique destination! Wander through the city’s endless routes and wonderful “calle”. Easy to reach by train (50 min) or car (60 min). Ask our staff for more information.

Cycling and Nordic-walking routes

Get quick and easy access to cycling and Nordic-walking paths.

Adriatic beach

Less than a 30-minute drive will get you to the seaside resorts of:

  • Lignano
  • Bibione
  • Caorle

Train station

The Cordovado-Sesto railway station is at a walking distance of 500 m.

Nearby airports

  • Treviso - Antonio Canova (75 km)
  • Venice - Marco Polo (80 km)
  • Trieste - Ronchi dei Legionari (70 km)

Cities of interest located closeby, with weekly markets

  • Portogruaro (10 km) - medieval town with arcades and Venetian palaces of the XII-XIII century. Visit the downtown market on Thursday mornings
  • San Vito al Tagliamento (10 km) - medieval town with market on Friday mornings

Day trips

  • Venice
  • Concordia Sagittaria (13 km): Roman ruins
  • San Daniele (45 km): a culinary trip to the city of prosciutto
  • Spilimbergo (35 km): home to the world’s famous mosaic school
  • Cividale del Friuli (62 km): a fascinating Lombard city. The Lombard temple and the museum is a must-see